CPAP Accessories Videos

CPAP Accessories are helpful aids to your PAP therapy, providing options for increased comfort and cleanliness. Coming soon we'll be adding videos on popular accessories like the snugglehose, hoselift, pillow, citrus wipes and more!

PAP Travel Briefcase

The PAP travel briefcase is designed to make traveling with therapy easy and convenient for OSA patients. Two separate bags combine into one so PAP users have just a single carry-on for their therapy equipment, a laptop and miscellaneous travel items. It organizes PAP equipment, a laptop, and small carry-on items neatly, securely and discreetly.

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AG Pillow

CPAP therapy is effective when patients are complaint. However, many sleep apnea patients are not compliant because of discomfort. An addition of a CPAP Pillow lessens discomfort as you change positions while sleeping, which allows maximum benefits to rest more comfortably.

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CPAP Tube Cleaning & Hanging System

This retail packaged cleaning system conveniently cleans almost any length CPAP tube without a hassle or mess. After cleaning, patients can easily hang the system out of the way with the hook or suction attachments. Click here to order.

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SoClean 2

A safe, easy, natural way to thoroughly clean and sanitize your CPAP equipment. The SoClean CPAP sanitizing machine uses safe, natural, activated oxygen to thoroughly sanitize your entire CPAP system by eliminating any mold, bacteria, and viruses it comes in contact with. Click here to order the SoClean.

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Transcend Power Options
Transcend truly fits your lifestyle, whatever it might be. So curl up in your hotel room, nestle into your sleeping bag, or stretch out in your truck cab with confidence. Transcend gives you peace of mind whether you're traveling or at home and just want to know you can still get a full, restful night's sleep should the power go out.
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ResMed RPS II Battery
The ResMed Power Station (RPS) II is an external lithium-ion battery that allows operation of compatible ResMed devices where mains power is not available, and provides a backup power in case of an unexpected mains power failure. This all-in-one pack provides convenient power and backup power for ResMed S9 Series sleep therapy devices, without the need for a separate converter.
*To use the RPS II battery on your S9 machine you need p/n:249004 which includes:
RPS II battery, bag and DC Cable for S9 Series.