DreamWear Full Face Fitting Guide

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The DreamWear Full Face Nasal Cushion comes in four sizes to provide you with your best fit (small, medium, medium-wide and large). To see which size is right for you,download our easy-to-use Sizing Guide.

man holding philips full face mask up to his head.

Hold the cushion up to your face. The cushion opening should be directly under your nostrils, and the cushion should hug your mouth and nose.

man adjusting philips full face mask on his head.

If your nose is inside the opening or if any part of the cushion overlaps your nose, you may need a different size.

man adjusting philips full face mask adjustment behind his head.

Once you’ve selected a size and assembled the mask, position the frame on the top of your head. Next, pull the headgear down until it sits across the back of your head.

man adjusting mouth/nose piece of philips full face mask


To adjust the mask, peel the headgear tabs away from the fabric. Adjust the strap length evenly to ensure a loose, comfortable fit. Press the tabs back against the fabric to reattach.

man continuing to make adjustments to philips full face mask.


Position the mask until it fits comfortably. When finished, the elbow should rest at the top of the head, and the frame should rest between your eye and ear.




DreamWear Introduction

Cleaning and Assembly

man lying down in bed peacefull with philips full face mask on.

Lie down and turn on your CPAP machine for final adjustments to ensure comfort.






Adjusting Leaks on your Mask


Download instructions for use PDF

Download the DreamWear Full face patient FAQs

Download the DreamWear Full face sizing guide