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What to expect from us

Being diagnosed with a sleep disorder can be an overwhelming experience. Here at Monitor Medical, we make every attempt to make your experience a smooth one so that you can focus on getting a good night’s sleep.

Our goal is to provide every patient with:

  • A clean, comfortable environment.
  • Easy and flexible appointment scheduling.
  • Quality products from leading manufacturers.
  • Onsite technicians who are knowledgeable about OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) and the products we carry.

Information we’ll need from you or your referring physician

  • Patient demographics, including a copy of your driver’s license. You can print and fill out a patient information form below.
  • Current prescription (a prescription over a year old is invalid).
  • Complete sleep studies (first and second night studies or a split night study).
  • Complete insurance information, including a copy of your insurance card. You can fill out your insurance on the patient information form. Please provide information for both primary and secondary insurance, if applicable.

You or your doctor’s office can fax these documents to a local Monitor Medical office or you can bring in the documents. If faxing, please include the patient’s complete name on each document.


The Process

  1. Upon receipt of all necessary information, the patient is added to our patient database and a courtesy phone call is made to the patient, so that he/she is aware we have received their referral paperwork. A patient care coordinator then begins the verification of insurance benefits.
  2. Once the insurance is verified, a patient care coordinator will contact the patient to schedule an appointment. A description of the patient’s coverage and out of pocket will be explained to the patient.
  3. The patient will meet with a technician to be fitted for their apnea equipment. For a complete set up (CPAP and supplies), the appointment will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour. Payment for the insurance deductible or co-insurance will be collected at this time.
  4. The patient’s referring physician or sleep lab will be notified of the set up, both verbally and by fax.
  5. Two weeks after the initial appointment, the patient is requested to return for a follow-up visit. Factors such as adjustment to the CPAP will be assessed. The patient’s physician or sleep lab will be notified of this follow-up if there is a problem.
  6. If the patient agrees to join the Supply Replacement Program, a customer service representative will routinely contact the patient to send out replaceable supplies


Downloadable Patient Forms

To quicken the process so that you can be on your way to a good night’s sleep, we have provided downloadable patient forms. All prescriptions over a year old are invalid. Click to down form.

***Patient documents can be faxed to our customer service fax number:

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